Adaptor kit, 300mm to ADC 12 inch

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The duct adapter kit is used to join existing 12 x 4" ADC plastic duct to 300 x 100mm Yellow Duct ducting, etc. The kit consists of 4 adapters c/w with: locking tabs and 6mm dia studs; clamping bracket; nuts and lock washers. An adaptor unit is positioned into the moulded lugs on the ADC duct, with the clamping bracket placed on the stud, to the outside of ADC duct. The adaptors locking tabs are positioned into slots made in the end and sides of the Yellow Duct, using slotting tool (Part No: TC1279-118); available separately. A nut and washer are installed to secure the four brackets and ducts together.

  • Simple, clamp and bolt action, using only 4 nuts 
  • Fast, strong & reliable connection made 
  • Smooth, rigid and strong joint produced 
  • Includes: 4 adaptors c/w locking tabs & 6mm studs; clamping bracket; nuts and lock washers

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