Block, isolating dc mf 1.6/5.6 coax 1Ghz

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This DC Isolation Block, with a 1.6/5.6mm Male and Female Co-axial connector is used typically in-line in a 2 to 155 Mbits/sec transmission stream to prevent circulation of unwanted circulating DC currents between two pieces of transmission equipment that are connected together. Such a situation could be in backbone wiring, between different floors in a CO or telephone exchange. The DC block produces minimal loss, distortion and reflection in a transmission circuit. It is a ruggedly made unit, that provides reliable service. Enables continuous electromagnetic shielding along the co-axial cable. They are usually mounted in a special panel.

  • Proven, reliable, item, for blocking unwanted DC circulating currents, in a co-axial cable circuit
  • Used in-line in 2 to 155 Mbits/sec line circuits
  • Has negligible effect on the transmission system
  • Ensures continuous EMC shielding

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