Global ICT leaders with 99 years of experience and counting!

Global ICT leaders with 99 years of experience and counting!

Warren & Brown Technologies has been proudly serving Aussie and international customers for over 99 years. We've become a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of telecommunications network connectivity infrastructure, with our solutions deployed in countless networks around the world.

We're proud to set the benchmark for excellence, quality, innovation and flexibility, providing custom jobs at industrial scales. Our reputation has earned us significant roles in some of Australias largest network projects ever, including being a major supplier to NBN and Telstra.

You can find our areas of expertise below. If you have any questions or sales enquires, please click on the contact button at the end of this email.

Optical Fibre Solutions

Warren & Brown has proven to be the industry leader in Optical Fibre cable management technology and has quickly become the supplier of choice for large projects thanks to our ability to provide local support, our quick turnaround time and flexibility. Our vast array of solutions for internal and external plant networks continues to expand on a weekly basis. Included in the range are Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs), subracks and fibre patch panels, optical fibre patch cords with optional Grade A connectors as well as a complete range of FTTH solutions including wall boxes, closures and Fibre Distribution Hubs.

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Copper Structured Cabling Solutions

The HypaConnect Integrated Cabling Solution (ICS) from Warren & Brown Technologies combines the latest products and solutions from our optical fibre and copper structured cabling portfolios into a single solution offering, backed by an optional 25-year certified site warranty. Every ICS is designed and tested against the latest version of the ISO/IEC 11801 standard. In addition, the ICS is also backed up by a network of designers, consultants and integrators. All the products are suitable for a variety of networks, including but not limited to: voice and data, building automation, security, and audio/visual.

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Ducting Raceway Solution

WBT's fibre optic ducting raceway solution provides a unique system for routing and protecting fibre optic cords between termination equipment, patch panels and fibre optic splicing cabinets or frames in telecommunications exchanges, data centres, universities, hospitals, or anywhere fibre optic cabling is present. Conveniently mounted above equipment racks or below floors, it provides an easily accessible solution to any situation.

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WBT is constantly looking to improve on new designs and modules that allow for increased density, while providing a practical solution to cable management and accessibility issues. Our MPO/MTO solutions are designed to support various cabling and connectivity options, whilst providing superior cable management and protection. The HypaFOX solution includes various cables, connectors and connectivity options, which are standards compliant. Furthermore, the solution has been designed to support various Polarity options as defined by TIA/EIA 568 standards, as well as providing easy configuration and upgrade options. The solution is fully scalable and is able to be configured to support standard density, high density and ultra high density applications.

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Wireless & Mobile Solutions

WBT has assembled a variety of all-inclusive systems to house Wireless/Mobile network infrastructure, which has proven to reduce CAPEX and OPEX for network builders. Due to the reduced diameter of hybrid cables, congestion is reduced on the pole, allowing more room for additional RRU and cable deployments. A ½” hybrid cable can support one mobile sector. In addition, the 7/8” hybrid cable can support up to 4 RRU’s, and the 1 ¼” hybrid cable can support up to 9 RRU’s. The hybrid cabling systems for multiple RRU’s only needs to be installed once. Even if it is initially servicing 1 RRU, it has spare capacity for additional upgrades for up to 9 RRU’s. Rather than deploying extra cable up the pole, a simple hybrid jumper cable from the interface box to the RRU is connected to provide an extra service.

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