Secure your network with Warren & Brown’s new fibre optic MUTO Enclosure

Secure your network with Warren & Brown’s new fibre optic MUTO Enclosure

A Multiuser Telecommunications Outlet Enclosure, also known as MUTO boxes, are designed to enable the direct terminations of optical fibres in a common, permanent location, such as a column, wall, permanent furniture, or close to a cluster of work areas. Small and compact, they are suitable for limited space installation. Designed with stability and security in mind, they are perfect for government and defence use and allow for remote cable terminations within a building and fibre-to-the-desk applications.

This solution provides optimal physical security with fully enclosed and secure connections, as well as segregated trunk cabling and patching areas.


There are two different types of Fibre optic MUTO boxes:

WBT’s preterm cabling solution MUTO enclosures are suitable for MPO/MTP multi fibre connectors (8F and 12F). Internal MPO/MTP optical fibre hydra cable assemblies are preinstalled and transition the incoming multifibre connections to individual small form factor LC, SC, ST fibre connectors. WBT also provide specialised cable assemblies, including preterm MPO/MTP trunk cables with pre-installed glands and hauling sock to assist with installation and provide a full end to end solution.

Splice / Patch MUTO enclosures feature a separate splicing area with pre-installed pigtails and can also be customised to suit a variety of applications.

WBT MUTO enclosures are available in a variety of custom colours, with the most popular being red RAL3028, blue RAL5015 and pink RAL3015.

WBT design and manufacture its MUTO enclosures right here in Australia, as control of this process allows us to assure the best quality product goes out to our customers.

Some of the features of our MUTO boxes:   

  • Small, compact size powder coated mild steel box   
  • OM4 fibre. OM3 multimode and singlemode options also available, as well as MPO standard or MPO low loss connectors
  • Pre-installed MPO/MTP-LC hydra breakout
  • Segregation from trunk and patching area (2 compartments)   
  • Two clear perspex lids for separate access to patching and preterm area   
  • Fully enclosed and segregated patching fields   
  • Openable hinged front cover   
  • Suitable for use with Roto-seals or other seal locks    
  • Suitable for enterprise, government and defence applications   
  • Dual rear entry for preterm cable  

Basic pre-term MUTO enclosures available:  

  • 24-fibre MPO to LC OM4 (12 x LC Duplex) - single or dual incoming cables    
  • 20-fibre MPO to LC OM4 (4 x LC Duplex & 6 LC Duplex)
  • 12-fibre MPO to LC OM4 (6 x LC Duplex)
  • 8-fibre MPO to LC OM4 (4 x LC Duplex)

WBT also provide custom trunk cable assemblies with glands and other specialised accessories for an end to end networks solution, as well as equipment rack fibre optic enclosures and accessories.

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