Managing high density port numbers – Fibre optic patch leads

Managing high density port numbers – Fibre optic patch leads

Benefits of LC Duplex Uniboot patch cords with push/pull tabs

When using a high-density solution, it may be difficult accessing, removing or connecting optical fibre patch cords in tight patching spaces. Connecting patch cords into dense patching fields can be difficult, while disconnecting may be near impossible. This is due to the LC ports being so closely aligned, making it extremely difficult for fingers to access the LC patch cord clip. In these instances, LC patch cords are often removed by using a specialised LC extraction tool. In the absence of an appropriate tool, some operators may even resort to extreme methods of patch cord removal, potentially damaging the patch cord or optical port.

An alternative to using a connector extraction tool, is to utilise LC Duplex patch cords with push/pull tabs. These patch cords have an in-built tab, which protrudes from the patching field and allows for easy connection/disconnection. This keeps fingers away from the LC ports at the front of the patch panel.

Additionally, the LC duplex uniboot patch cords from WBT have a reversible polarity feature, which allows users to easy remove the outer connector housing and easily flip the pairs. This is an ideal solution for Polarity A links, where one patch cord in the link needs to be a configured A-A.




Selecting the right MTP®/MPO solution for High Density Data Centres and Enterprise networks

There are several key factors which will help network designers and operators select the right solution for their Data Centres. It is important to view the solution benefits and features from end to end.

For instance:

  • The solution must support various polarity options.
  • The solution should use high quality MTP® connectors for reliable optical and mechanical performance.
  • The solution must be modular and allow for network growth.
  • The solution must support easy MAC’s.
  • The solution must be compliant with the relevant standards including the various TIA-568 standards.
  • The solution must be high density and optimise rack space in an efficient manner, without compromising cable management and accessibility.


The latest innovation from WBT, provides up to 144F LC fibres in 1RU of rack space. In addition, many cable management features have been included in the solution, ensuring supreme reliability and ease of use. The flexible design supports various cabling and connectivity options, whilst providing superior cable management and protection.

The high density MTP®/MPO solution from WBT is the perfect balance between density and usability, as well as providing excellent cable and connector protection and management.


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