Multi RRU Mobiles Solution - ⅞” Hybrid Cable

Multi RRU Mobiles Solution -  ⅞” Hybrid Cable

Pre-terminated Hybrid Trunk Cabling

The hybrid multi RRU system utilises a weather-proof outdoor junction box and connects to the RRU via ½” hybrid tail cable. This system includes WBT ⅞ ” hybrid trunk cable which is provided as a pre-terminated solution and is supplied with the interfacing junction box. MPO connectors are provided at each end of the trunk cable along with the DC power interfaces. Custom hybrid 7/8” cable lengths can be ordered to exact metre requirements, ensuring no cable wastage and eliminating excess cable management. 
  • Suitable for connecting up to 4 RRU’s 
  • Connects to RRU’s via ½”hybrid jumper cable
  • Compatible with 7/8” hybrid trunk cable
  • Supplied with pre-configured trunk cable
  • High Density, scalable solution

Products in this System

Hybrid multifeed cable with junction box, MTP
This junction box is used as an enclosure for both optical fibre cords and 48V DC power cables as well as serving as a connection interface between the hybrid trunk cable and hybrid tail cables. It is specifically designed for connecting up to 4RRU’s and provides a quick and effective means of adding extright angle wireless sectors. It is supplied with pre-terminated trunk cable for rapid deployment.
Hybrid junction box, optical MTP SC/A power connections, pole mounted
This Remote Radio Site Unit (RRU) mounted externally allows copper and optical interface between the Telstra Mobiles base station via the ⅞” Hybrid cable to the antennae infrastructure. This product is used specifically within the Telstra Mobiles hybrid cable (optical and power feed), mobile base station to antennae infrastructure.

Hybrid Jumper Cables

Hybrid jumper cables are required to provide the final connection from the junction box to the RRU. These cables provide both optical fibre and power connection. In addition, the RRU connection side can also be customised to suit a variety of RRU vendor interfaces. The RRU connectivity side features a weather-proof DC power connector and a fully sealed, IP rated Full AXS LC duplex connector.


2 fibres hybrid jumper cable from Junction Box to RRU


2 fibre pairs hybrid tail cable to suit RRU dual system

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