New SC/APC Field Assembly Optical Connector

New SC/APC Field Assembly Optical Connector

The Warren & Brown SC/APC Mechanical Field Assembly Optical Connector (FAOC) is designed with a compact size in order to fits small size terminal boxes or fibre distribution frames, when terminated with bare fibre or 0.9mm jacket cable. It can be used with various singlemode fibre cable types. The FAOC is made with high precision and quality zirconia ferrule, and provides a highly reliable connection in the fibre optic network application.

Benefits & Features:

  • Fibre Optic Cable Distribution network
  • Fibre To The Home (FTTH) network
  • Highly stable and reliable performance
  • Intermateability IEC 61754-4
  • EU regulation: RoHS
  • Flammability Grade: UL94 V-0
  • High Success Rate design and technology
  • Reusable termination capability (up to 5x)

How to use:

1. Insert the boot.

 2. Strip the 900µm buffer cable, exposing 40mm of 125µm fibre. 

Assembly Instruction Image 1

Note: inserting the boot after cleaving the fibre may damage the fibre’s end face and may result in excessive insertion loss.

3. Mark the 900µm buffer cable measuring 5mm from the stripped end.

4. Wipe off the debris and dust on the fibre with cleaning alcohol. 

 Assembly Instruction Image 2Assembly Diagram 1

5. Cleave the 125µm fibre using a fibre cleaver, leaving 12mm of fibre. 

6. Strip the 900µm jacket on the 5mm mark, exposing 5mm of 250µm fibre coating. 

Assembly Instruction Image 3 Assembly Diagram 2

7. Remove the unlocking jig from the connector body prior to inserting the fibre. Attach connector to the VFL. Prepare fibre then switch on laser. 

Assembly Instruction Image 4

Note: when inserting the fibre into the connector, hold the cable 70 – 80mm from the stripped end.

8. Insert fibre into connector with a bend. A minimum low reflection light ensures optimum connection is being made.

9. Press the connector to lock fibre into position.

10. Fit the boot and replace the dust cap.

Assembly Instruction Image 5

Technical Attributes:

Technical Diagram



Cable Size

WBT Part No.

Body Colour

Boot Colour

SC/A Soft Boot


0.25mm (bare fibre) / 0.9mm




Fibre / Cable Size (mm) SC
SC Hard Boot SC Soft Boot 44 SC Folder Boot 56 SC Universal 51
50 51 56
Bare Fibre 0.25

Characteristics Condition Unit Value
Min Mean Max
Insertion Loss APC dB 0.30 0.50
Return Loss APC dB 55.0 62.0

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