Essential Work Practices for the Dexgreen Fast Closure Sealant 20D

Essential Work Practices for the Dexgreen Fast Closure Sealant 20D

Part Numbers: 40007865 (Single) & 40008380 (pack of 6).

In this article, we are looking at the Essential Work Practices for using the Fast Closure Sealant 20D. 

The Essential Practices when using the fast closure sealant 20D are outlined as follows:

dexgreen fast closure sealant3


● No more than 100mls of sealant to be dispensed in a closure port at any time.
● Graduated Label shows volume dispensed.
● It is recommended to have a minimum of 15mm depth of sealant for sealing and new cable insertion applications.

Not to be used on air core cables:
● Never use Fast Closure Sealant 20D as a water block, it will not work as it sets too fast.

Clean and Abrade:
● Clean all cables and closure walls with wet & dry wipes provided
● Abrade all cables and closure walls circumferentially using abrading strips provided
● Re clean after abrading

● Don’t contaminate the cables or closure with grease from cables, hands or other sources.

Retain and Separate:
● Don’t bunch cables together
● Don’t allow cables to touch the walls of the closure or each other
● Use a cable jig and separator
● Don’t move cables during sealant setting

● Store sealant in original packaging in a cool environment (under 25⁰C) until ready to use. Use Esky in summer months. Do not heat sealant.

● Always use mixing nozzle. Dispense first 10mls of sealant to equalize the cartridge. Nozzle is single use only.
● Allow 10 minutes for sealant to set before moving the closure, depending on temperature.

To find out more, download the Essential Work Practices Instruction Guide. 

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