Get more than a traditional structured cabling system with the new HypaConnect HY Series

Get more than a traditional structured cabling system with the new HypaConnect HY Series

The new HY series from Warren & Brown Technologies / HypaConnect takes structured cabling to the next level by providing market leading network connectivity.

HypaConnect ICS and Structured Cabling advantages:

  • Proven total building ICT infrastructure support;
  • Quality & Reliability. 25-year warranty;
  • End to end solution;
  • Fast installation & connector termination time;
  • Innovative products – reduced (mini) diameter patch cords. Toolless CAT6A UTP jack. Modular products. Easy terminate CAT6A U/FTP LAN cable;
  • Reduces total cost of network ownership;
  • Leading customer service with support network of consultants, installers and distributors;
  • Training and education on latest technology and applications;
  • Fast delivery and stock availability from Australian owned company;
  • Leading solution technology – CAT6 UTP, CAT6A UTP and CAT6A STP solutions.

Not only is the HypaConnect HY Series the leading structured cabling solution, it is an integrated cabling solution, specifically designed, installed and tested to provide total building ICT infrastructure support.

Total building ICT infrastructure support

The Warren & Brown Technologies HypaConnect Integrated Cabling Solution (ICS) supports multiple applications over a single cabling infrastructure. This allows for a simplified network design, using common items and a standard cabling topology. This innovative approach simplifies network deployment and operations and reduces costs associated with installing and maintaining multiple cabling networks. The HypaConnect HY series ICS has been tested and designed to support many ICT applications, as well as PoE and PoE+.


Innovative structured cabling products

CAT6 UTP and CAT6A U/FTP mini (slimline) patch cords

Mini Category 6 U/UTP patch cords (CAT6 unshielded patch cords) are more than 55% lighter, 50% smaller in cross-sectional area and provide more than 40% tighter bend radius when compared with standard Category 6 (CAT6) patch cables.

Mini Category 6A U/FTP patch cords (CAT6A shielded patch cords) are approximately 15-20% smaller in diameter and more flexible, when compared with standard Category 6A (CAT6A) patch cables.

CAT6A UTP toolless modular jack

The CAT6A UTP modular toolless jack is easy to terminate and provides exceptional performance as per ISO/IEC 11801 Ed.2.2. One of the fastest modular jacks to terminate on the market, it also provides impressive headroom on NEXT, RL and IL permanent link tests when used with HypaConnect cable.


CAT6A U/FTP LAN cable is becoming one of the leading shielded cabling types and is often preferred over CAT6A F/UTP. CAT6A U/FTP cable is smaller in diameter, more flexible and provides more margin on shielded links. Due to a less tight pair twist rate, the cable is also easier to work with when terminating shielded jacks.

Global coverage and local customer support

Along with having world class products to do the job, it’s the Warren and Brown Technologies local support that really makes the difference. The HypaConnect solution is offered with design and installation support by means of our network of certified consultants and integrators.

The HypaConnect program is based on the latest standards, technologies and best practices in design, installation and testing, which ensures that every ICS warranted site is comprehensively and professionally delivered.

Furthermore, this level of support is also backed up by stock availability and fast delivery for most common items, ensuring that your network is up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The HypaConnect HY Series includes the following solutions and structured cabling products:

  • A total end to end ICS, which covers every product from patch panel to wall outlet and everything in between
  • RJ45 Modular Jacks – CAT6 UTP, CAT6A UTP and CAT6A STP solutions
  • RJ45 Couplers & Connectors – CAT6 UTP and CAT6A STP solutions
  • Patch Panels – CAT6 UTP, CAT6A UTP and CAT6A STP solutions
  • Data Outlets – CAT6 UTP, CAT6A UTP and CAT6A STP solutions
  • Floor Distributors – CAT6 UTP, CAT6A UTP and CAT6A STP solutions Patch Cords 14
  • LAN Cables – CAT6 UTP, CAT6A UTP and CAT6A STP solutions
  • Cable Management
  • Tools & Accessories

To find out more about our solutions, please visit the product pages or register your contact details to get access to this innovative new structured cabling solution.

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