Increasing optical fibre capacity in Hyperscale data centres and Telecom exchanges

Increasing optical fibre capacity in Hyperscale data centres and Telecom exchanges

Due to the increasing number of fibre optic patch cord connections in telecom exchanges and Hyperscale data centres, managing and routing large volumes of patch cords is becoming more challenging in these environments. As new services are added, many optical fibre ducting raceways quickly reach their full capacity, requiring additional pathways to be installed or reconfigured.

The new 600mm x 100mm (24″ x 4″) ducting raceway system from Warren & Brown Technologies provides maximum capacity for routing and protecting optical fibre patch cords. Up to 7500, 2mm patch cords can be routed through the 600mm x 100mm ducting raceway system (50% fill rate), thereby doubling the capacity of the previous largest 300mm x 100mm system.

The 600 x 100mm ducting raceway system is compatible with most other WBT ducting components, including drop-offs, outlets and reducers and is easy to install.

Made in Australia from LSZH plastic, components are readily available with fast delivery times, as well as with design and installation support.

Network downtime issues caused by bad cable management and damage to optical fibre patch cords can be avoided by using a fibre optic ducting raceway, thereby protecting your investment.

New parts available in the range:

Part Number Description
TC1279-406 600mm x 100mm straight duct length - 2 metres
TC1279-408 600mm x 100mm to 300mm x 100mm reducer
TC1279-410A 600mm x 100mm joiner
TC1279-411A 600mm x 100mm 90° horizontal elbow
TC1279-412 600mm x 100mm horizontal tee
TC1279-414 600mm x 100mm 45° horizontal elbow
TC1279-416 600mm x 100mm horizontal cross
TC1279-435 600mm x 100mm end cap
TC1279-438A 600mm x 100mm duct mounting bracket assembly

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Why use a fibre optic ducting raceway system?

Fibre optic cables play an important part in many communication networks and need to be treated with respect.

Fibre optic cords carry far more services and much greater throughput than traditional copper services and downtime or outages can cost tens of thousands of dollars per second in lost revenue for each cord damaged. Good optic fibre protection is absolutely essential.

Fibre cords are fragile and need to be correctly protected throughout any cabling installation from end to end. Traditional cable routing on open cable trays and ladders may cause damage to the delicate fibre cables. These methods of routing cables provide no protection for the exposed fibre and heavier copper cabling (power and comms) may crush and disturb fibre cables that are routed along the same path.

A fibre optic ducting raceway system is the best way to safely route cords and clearly segregate them from other services.

Fibre optic patch cords which can range in diameter from 1.6mm, 2mm and up to 3mm for simplex patch cords can be quite delicate and need to properly managed and routed in order to maintain and ensure network reliability.

A fibre optic ducting raceway provides many benefits including the following:

  • Protects from micro bending when feeding cords to equipment racks and from crushing caused by heavy copper cables
  • Provides protection against compression, and ensures minimum bend radius, generally specified as 30mm (1.25″) are not be compromised
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Allows for the fibre optic services and cable path to be clearly identified and distinguished
  • Conforms with AS/NZS 3084:2017 standard – Telecommunications pathways and spaces for commercial buildings

Made in Australia

The Warren and Brown optical fibre ducting raceway is still proudly Australian made and provides a cost-effective and reliable solution for safely managing and routing optical fibre patch cords in a data centre or telecom exchange. Backed up by our capabilities in network design, product support, training and with over 400 individual components in stock locally, why use any other product?

  • Made from Noryl, a special fire retardant LSZH plastic – certified to UL94VO specification. Not PVC!
  • EEU and ROHS compliant
  • UL listed – ULA2024A
  • Made in Australia – many components available off the shelf
  • Fast delivery and availability – order turnaround time in days not months
  • Interconnecting adaptors available for retrofit installation with other brands
  • Available in 6 sizes – 30x30m, 50x50mm, 100x50mm,100x100mm, 220x100m, 300x100mm

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