MTP Fibre connectivity in Data Centres – The HypaFOX high density advantage

MTP Fibre connectivity in Data Centres – The HypaFOX high density advantage

MTP®/MPO connectivity is now becoming more widely used in various network environments, including Data Centres, which benefit from reliable, high density cabling infrastructure.

Note – MTP is a registed trademark of US Conec. An MTP® connector, as described by US Conec is “a high performance MPO connector with multiple engineered product enhancements, improving optical and mechanical performance when compared with generic MPO connectors”. MTP® and MPO connectors are fully compatible. In this article we will be using term ‘MTP” when referring to these connectors.

MTP fibre connectivity in Data Centres support higher networking speeds – 10G, 40G and 100G and provides improved density over single fibre connectors.

The HypaFOX MTP fibre solution considers all best practice requirements from end to end and provides one of the highest density solutions on the market, without compromising usability and cable management.

The latest innovation from WBT, provides up to 144F LC fibres in 1RU of rack space. In addition, many cable management features have been included in the solution, ensuring supreme reliability and ease of use. This makes best use of MTP fibre connectivity infrastructure.

The main benefits of an MTP fibre connectivity solution

In addition to providing a high density solution for optical fibre networks, one of the other major benefits of an MTP cabling system, is its modularity and its ability to support high speed links. New links can be easily added and the network can also be upgraded to support higher networking speeds – 40G, 100G, etc. Furthermore, the 12 or 24 ribbon fibre cable construction has a smaller OD than regular fibre optic cable, which reduces cable load in raised floors and cable ducts, as well as reducing congestion.

Additionally, all of the components in an MTP fibre optic cabling system are pre-terminated, removing the need for splicing on site and are also factory inspected and tested, ensuring supreme reliability. This provides a true plug and play solution, for fast and efficient field deployment.

Major benefits of HypaFOX MTP fibre solution

  • End to end solution which promotes best practice. Patch panels, cassettes, trunk cables and patch cords
  • Modular system which provides scalability for port density and higher networking speeds
  • Low loss MTP Elite fibre optic connectors for optimum performance
  • High density MTP fibre and LC connectivity. Up to 144 LC ports in 1RU
  • Plug and play factory terminated and tested solution for rapid deployment
  • Modular and flexible cassette options – 12 fibre, 24 fibre and 36 fibre
  • LC Duplex uniboot pull tab patch cords for accessing high high-density fields

  What is included in the HypaFOX MTP fibre connectivity solution

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To find out more about the HypaFOX MTP fibre solution and how it can be successfully deployed, please download the HypaFOX MTP fibre application guide.