Plug & play mobiles solution

Plug & play mobiles solution

Plug & play system using hybrid connector from WB Networks 

This plug and play system utilises hybrid fibre optic and power cable as well as an innovative hybrid connector. The hybrid connector provides both fibre optic and DC power connectivity. This method of connectivity reduced installation times and provides a secure and reliable means of rapidly deploying additional services.

Efficient and Reliable

With Australian based manufacturing and an expert team of engineers, every customer will be ensured that our network solution offering is a perfect fit.  The hybrid connectors provide both fibre optic and power connectivity, are IP rated and are fully weather and dust proof. These connectors connect directly to the distribution enclosure, while the other end (RRU side) can be customised to suit various RRU interfaces. The hybrid connector and cable solution removes the need to install separate fibre optic and power feeds, which reduces installation time, material wastage and cost.


The hybrid plug and play enclosure and hybrid tails are designed to offer full flexibility for future expansion. Hybrid tail or jumper cables can be easily installed at the same time when additional RRU’s are deployed. This is due to the single hybrid connection structure that allows the tail cables to connect via the distribution enclosure.


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Plug & play hybrid junction box and hybrid 7/8" multi feed trunk cable


The IP rated enclosures are designed to simplify deployment and provide an effective way of upgrading and installing additional RRU’s.

The Hybrid 7/8” multi feed trunk cable is used as part of pre-terminated solution to allow for fast and easy installation.

The cable is used with the hybrid junction box which is available separately. This pre-terminated solution is specifically designed for connecting up to 4 RRU’s and provides a quick and effective means of adding extright angle wireless sectors at a Mobiles base station.


Hybrid jumper cable, 2-4 fibres x "L" m, from junction box to RRU 

This 2 or 4-fibre plug-and-play hybrid jumper cable allows connection from a junction box to an RRU. On one end (Detail A) is a hybrid MPO connector, which contains combined optical and DC power cable, fed through a protective corrugated sheath, to a canister where the cable breaks out to 1 or 2 x pair(s) of LC duplex connectors (Full AXS), + 1 x DC connector (Detail B).

• Weather-proof & bird-proof
• Hybrid plug-and-play MPO connectors
• Full AXS LC duplex connectors
• Amphenol DC power connector
• Low loss, high performance optical connectors are used (LC duplex and MPO)
• Cable provides a 48V DC power feed
• Flexible cable supplied in a corrugated jacket
• Available in different lengths