Australian made pre-terminated fibre optic cable assemblies. Fast production and Australia wide delivery!

Australian made pre-terminated fibre optic cable assemblies. Fast production and Australia wide delivery!

To support the highest quality and future-ready networks, our range of Multi-fibre Fibre optic cables and pre-terminated assemblies can be manufactured to suit a range of needs for the Australian and global market.

To support the Australian fibre optic manufacturing industry, as well as installers, end-users and wholesalers, Warren & Brown Technologies is proud to offer is fibre optic cable and pre-terminated cable assemblies, which are locally produced.

WBT pre-terminated fibre optic cable assemblies are an ideal solution for overcoming on-site splicing constraints or where field termination is impractical and overly time-consuming. Furthermore, factory terminated cable assemblies are fully tested and inspected, providing guaranteed reliability. WBT pre-terminated fibre optic cables can be manufactured with any connector type, and with a wide variety of fibre core counts, indoor and outdoor cable, and to any specified length.

Multi-fibre optic cable assemblies are a true, high quality, time and cost-saving solution, supplied with various optical fibre types to meet the demands of different applications, including fibre optic cable choices of Singlemode G657A2 bend-insensitive optical fibre, G652D optical fibre or Multimode OM3 / OM4 multimode aqua optical fibre cable.

Cable configurations including 2 & 4 fibre, 6 fibre, 8 fibre, 12 fibre and 24 fibre cable assemblies as well as larger core count cables, including 48, 72, 96 and 144. Generally larger core count cables, from 48 fibres and above, are better suited to a more slimline microcore fibre optic cable construction.

Most pre-terminated cable assemblies are constructed from a 900-micron tight-buffered distribution/riser cable, however 2mm breakout fibre optic cord options are also available.

Other customizable options can also be provided, including heavy-duty hauling socks, staggered connectors, as well as customized breakouts.

 Some of the features & benefits include:

  • Fast manufacturing and delivery with local Australian made content
  • Factory-terminated and tested to international standards
  • Indoor/outdoor pre-terminated cable assemblies
  • Pre-terminated fibre optic cable assemblies can also be provided for loose tube, SWA, Milspec and other specialized cables
  • Optional staggered terminations
  • Optional hauling/pulling sock mechanism. High strength
  • 900 micron fibre breakouts or optional 2mm oversleeving

 Connector choices:

  • LC, LC/A, SC, SC/A, and ST
  • MPO and MTP may be available upon request

 Cable choices: 

  • Fibre optic Indoor / Outdoor riser, tight-buffered distribution cable, LSZH sheath
  • Fibre optic 2mm cord, breakout cable, LSZH sheath
  • Fibre optic loose tube cable, blue nylon PE sheath

 Other options

  • Standard or staggered breakout lengths
  • 900 micron or 2mm protection tubes
  • Protection and hauling mechanisms


At Warren & Brown, our local Australian manufacturing and termination facilities mean we can provide you with the highest quality network infrastructure components in fast turn around times – usually less than one week! We own and operate our full end-to-end manufacturing plants, and our Australian base means that our designers and engineers are on-site, ready to work with you to solve all your network needs. We use only the best quality components, and all of our assemblies are factory tested and inspected. Our logistics and delivery capabilities mean that we can have orders shipped quickly Australia wide. 

Find out more about our Multi-fibre Fibre optic cables and pre-terminated assemblies, and how we can customise our solutions for you, on the WB Networks website, or get in contact with our sales team


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