Rely on HypaFOX as the leading Data Centre connectivity solution

Rely on HypaFOX as the leading Data Centre connectivity solution

With the ever-rising demand for high speed cloud computing, data storage, server virtualization and low latency connectivity, reliable data centres are becoming more important and bigger than ever. By trying to minimize potential failure points and simplifying connectivity, data centre operators may seek out options that provide them with the best capabilities of managing density and connectivity.  Managing data centres can often present a challenge of maximising floor space and density, while managing a high number of connectors, all without disrupting services.

With the ability to support 10G, 40G and 100G transmission systems, MTP®/MPO connectivity is the clear solution of choice. HypaFOX is the industry leading high-density MTP®/MPO connectivity solution from Warren & Brown Technologies. The HypaFOX solution provides a range of flexible design and connectivity options, while providing exceptional cable management and protection. In addition, the MTP®/MPO cabling solution range includes components that are standards compliant.

Some of the benefits of the HypaFOX range include its ability to support various polarity options which are defined by TIA/EIA 568 standards, as well as providing easy configuration and upgrade options. The solution is fully scalable and can be configured to suit standard density, high density, and ultra high-density applications, depending on your data centre needs. The HypaFOX range includes a series of connectors, cables, patch cords, cassettes, patch panels, and cable management options, providing end-to-end data centre solutions. Improved space saving, accessibility and efficiency goals can be achieved with the HypaFOX high-density solution.

Additionally, Warren & Brown Technologies provide local technical and network design support, stock availability, and fast production and delivery times. WBT provide a level of expertise and service that will ensure your network deployment is on time, on budget and stress-free.

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