Improved Wireless Connectivity Through Small Cell Deployment

Improved Wireless Connectivity Through Small Cell Deployment

Wireless connectivity through Small Cell deployment has continually evolved to address the growing demand for mobile connectivity, capacity and coverage. The Small Cell System from WB Networks is a plug & play, IP65 weatherproof, UV resistant and high performing solution, which also provides a high level of service reliability. 

With Australian based manufacturing and an expert team of engineers, every customer will be ensured that our network solution offering is a perfect fit.  

Small Cell Systems

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Optical interface box, SC/A connections, pole mounted


This Remote Radio Site Unit (RRU), externally mounted enclosure, allows for an optical connection between the Mobiles base station and the RRU. The module provides a patching connection for 4 x A/SC optical connectors. The enclosure allows connection for 4 x RRU’s.

• Plug and play
• IP65 weather-proof, UV resistant, enclosure
• 2 x weather-proof cable gland entries
• Fixed 4 position A/SC patch panel
• Pole mountable using standard “band-it” straps, on stainless steel mounting brackets
• Wall mountable

Jumper cable, full AXS with bird-proof housing (LC - SC/A) or (LC - LC) 


Simplex cables used to connect the radio 2217 to the fibre interface box and compact baseband.

• Weather-proof & bird-proof
• Full AXS Simplex connector
• Available in different length

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