Things can get out of hand. This is what you can do

Things can get out of hand. This is what you can do

The need for high-speed networks has increased the usage of optical fibre cables in networks and data centres around the world. In these environments, optical fibre installation and management can be quite challenging.

As high density is a common requirement and space is often limited, things can get out of hand in the equipment rack or optical distribution frame. This may lead to messy cabling and bad cable management, potentially resulting in broken fibres and network downtime.

Choosing your optical fibre management systems wisely will save you a lot of time and headaches when routing, splicing and troubleshooting fibre, all without compromising density, performance and reliability.

Warren & Brown Technologies (WBT) range of end to end optical fibre management solutions, including fibre patch panels and ODFs, are the benchmark product in the telecoms industry. An Australian designed and manufactured solution, providing high density and reliable optical connectivity.

6008 Series
The 6008 Series splice & patch, patch only or splice only sub-racks (patch panels) are proven optical fibre management modules, which provide an efficient high-density solution. These sub-racks (patch panels) can be suitably mounted into a HDODF, any 300mm deep ODF or rack and provide excellent optical fibre cord protection and management.

One of our most versatile and complete solutions, is the 6008 series, 2RU, Splice & patch swing out sub-rack, which forms part of a total fibre management solution.

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