Turn your network into a building asset with an Integrated Cabling Solution

Turn your network into a building asset with an Integrated Cabling Solution

Although cabling represents approximately 3-7% of the total ICT network cost, up to 50% of downtime issues are caused by poor cabling quality and bad cable management.

When designing a structured cabling network, particularly for Data Centre or Enterprise networks, proper consideration needs to be placed on the quality of the products and workmanship used in the design, installation and testing of the network.

The Warren & Brown Technologies HypaConnect Integrated Cabling Solution (ICS) represents years of research, testing and development and is the ultimate in high-performance component engineering and systems design.

7 reasons to invest in HypaConnect Integrated Cabling Solution:

      1. Optical Fibre + Copper structured cabling
        HypaConnect combines the latest products and solutions into a single certified solution, which includes a wide range of products such as our optical fibre ducting raceway, fibre patch panels and subracks, optical distribution frames as well as CAT6A and CAT6 copper cabling infrastructure.
      1. 25-year Warranty
        The HypaConnect solution includes an optional 25-year certified site warranty, maintaining a high-level of customer service and support.
      1. Backed up by a network of specialists
        The solution is backed up by designers, consultants and integrators and is designed and tested against the latest version of the ISO/IEC 11801 standard, enforcing best practice.
      1. End-to-end solution
        HypaConnect allows for multiple applications to be performed over a single cabling infrastructure. This innovative approach simplifies network deployment and operations and reduces costs associated with installing and maintaining multiple cabling networks.
      1. Suitable for a variety of networks
        -Voice & Data (lighting, fire alarm systems, access control, etc.)
        -Building Automation
        -A/V (audio and visual)
        -Manufacturing/Industrial (infrared sensors, machinery control, etc.)
        -Low voltage systems
      1. Long-term investment
        The HypaConnect solution can reliably support all of today’s networking technologies and at the same time cater for the future generations of technology, as it is designed with manageability, scalability and flexibility in mind.
      1. Global coverage and Local Support
        The HypaConnect management program means that national and global standards can be benchmarked to the same quality assurance. WBT have partnered with the leading design and installation companies through the ICS Certified Installer program. This means the program is based upon the latest standards, technologies and best practices in design, installation and testing, which ensures that every ICS Warranted site is comprehensively and professionally delivered.


Regardless of whether you are planning to construct a new building ICT Network or upgrade an existing facility, treating your ICT Network as a building asset, won’t only pay it off in the long run, but will make it more efficient and manageable now. Thereby, ensuring your copper and optic fibre network will outlast the life of your IT equipment.

Find out more about the HypaConnect solution here.