Breakout cable, 6 fibre singlemode 2.0, ONS

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This 6 fibre Break-Out Cable is used in Exchanges or CO’s to provide a connection for optical fibre transmission systems. It consists of 6 x Ø2.0mm dia tight buffered fibre cords with: a 900µm core; Kevlar strength yarn and a LSZH (FR) coloured sheath. Each cord is individually coloured. The single mode fibre used is G652D type. 

  • Fibre Type G652D tight buffer 
  • Mode field diameter at 1310nm: 8.9 - 9.5µm 
  • Cladding Diameter: 125 + 0.7µm 
  • Protective Coating (primary) diameter: 245 + 7µm 
  • Fibre Attenuation: < 0.36dB/km @ 1310nm and < 0.22dB/km @ 1550nm 
  • Tight buffer material: LSZH 
  • Tight Buffer diameter: Ø0.9 + 0.05mm   
  • Flame Retardance: IEC60332-1 
  • Central Strength Member: FRP, 2mm diameter 
  • 2mm subunit OD: Ø2.0 + 0.1mm 
  • 2mm subunit thickness: 0.35 + 0.05mm 
  • 2mm subunit and main cable sheath is LSZH 
  • Main cable OD: Ø8.5 + 0.3mm 
  • Main cable Sheath Thickness: 1.4 + 0.1mm 
  • Cable MBR @ no load = 10 x “D” (cable diameter) 
  • Cable MBR @ full load = 20 x “D” (cable diameter) 
  • Cable Weight: 63.5 kg/km 
  • Length marking: every Metre 
  • With 1 x rip cord 

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