Cable tray kit for power cables

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This kit of items is used as a retro-fit kit and also for new installations. It provides an insulated curved edge on a metal cable tray, where 48 V DC cables enter the cable tray.  The PVC curved edge prevents the edge of the metal cable tray damaging the insulated power cable/s. The PVC curved edge, being tough, rigid and strong can easily accommodate the weight of many heavy power cables positioned at various times, entering the cable tray. The split PVC pipe is easily and quickly fitted and is held securely in position, using two or three heavy duty zipper style ties. (Note: 10 pcs of 5mm x 300mm long HD zipper style ties provided)

  • Provides a safety installation 
  • Split PVC pipe, easy to fit onto metal cable tray and secured by two or three heavy duty zipper style ties 
  • Can be retro-fitted, and used on new installations 
  • Tough, rigid and strong PVC material 
  • Purchase as a kit

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