MTP/MPO trunk cables, 144 fibres (12 x 12F), singlemode

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  • OS1 singlemode fibre
  • MTP Elite or MTP Standard connectors
  • LSZH sheath

* Other length variations are available on request


HypaFOX MTP MPO trunk multi-core cable assemblies facilitate rapid deployment of high-density backbone cabling in data centres and other high-density fibre environments, reducing network installation or reconfiguration time and cost. They are used to interconnect cassettes, panels or MTP MPO array cables. MTP MPO trunk assemblies are offered in 12, 24, 36, 48, 72 and 144 fibres versions, using a compact and rugged micro-cable structure.

The compact cables optimise cable pathway use and improve airflow. These MTP MPO trunks are built with the highest quality components. HypaFOX trunk cable assemblies feature a double outer sheath, including an outer rugged sheath for additional protection in ducts and cable trays.

  • Supplied with OS1 singlemode fibre
  • 12, 24, 36, 48, 72 and 144 fibre options
  • Generally supplied with female 12F MTP MPO connectors
  • LSZH sheath
  • Factory terminated and tested
  • Choice of 4 connector options: MTP Elite, MTP Standard, Low Loss (LL), MPO Standard
  • Small diameter and flexible cable construction
  • 12F Diameter: 4.5 mm
  • 24F Diameter: 4.5 mm
  • 36F Diameter: 9.0 mm
  • 48F Diameter: 9.0 mm
  • 72F Diameter: 11.2 mm
  • 144F Diameter: 15.0 mm
  • Standard colour - Yellow
  • Other colour options available
  • Standard breakout length - 700mm
  • Staggered breakouts available
  • Can be supplied with hauling sock/mechanism
  • Fast production and delivery times

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