Centering adaptor assembly, 100mm

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This adapter provides a method of aligning ducts and other components with a 45mm offset. The offset is established by alternately joining two 30 degree bends with either: a standard joiner (Part No: TC1279-27, Telstra No: 035300514) or a slotless joiner (Part No: TC1279-248A), which is included. It is often used to align a duct run that has been dropped off an existing run, i.e. the new duct is realigned from its side exit position to the old centre at a different level. 

  • Two off 30 degree bends (Part No: TC1279-47A) & joiner (Part No: TC1279-27 Telstra No: 035300514) 
  • Includes covers (Part No: TC1279-46) 
  • Clips straight into standard joiner, or a slotless joiner 
  • Tough, fire retardant material 
  • Additional joiners (Part No’s: TC1279-27, Telstra No: 035300514 or TC1279-248A); available separately (to connect to 100 mm duct) 
  • Purchase by the unit 

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