Convoluted tube, 75mm OD x 1150mm long + two adaptors tube

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The Ø63mm ID/ Ø65mm OD convoluted tube is used as an extension flexible tube, to extend the reach of Ø75mm ID/Ø88mm OD convoluted tube.  It fits neatly into the larger size convoluted tube (Part No: TC1279-458) using the two 70mm long end connecting lengths provided.  The connection is made by screwing the convoluted tube into the end connecting lengths, which in turn connect to the larger diameter, Ø75mm ID/ Ø88 mm OD convoluted tube. 

  • Small diameter convoluted tube, extends reach of larger diameter convoluted tube 
  • Tough, flame retardant material 
  • Connection quickly made using 2 end connecting lengths, 70mm long 
  • Recommended fibre count: either: 250 x Ø2mm cords; 150 x Ø2.4 mm cords; or 110 x Ø3mm cords, maximum 
  • RoHS approval pending 
  • Purchase as a kit 

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