Convoluted tube, 88mm OD x 1150mm long

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This convoluted tube is used as a flexible take off from any solid ducting to equipment located in a lower rack. It may be used as follows:

  • It fits onto the end of 100mm duct using an end cap (Part No: TC1279-456) – single tube capacity 
  • It fits onto the end of 220mm duct using an end cap (Part No: TC1279-457) – twin tube capacity 
  • It fits to the side of 100mm, 220mm or 300mm straight duct, as follows: 
    • single tube capacity using Part No’s: TC1279-452A and TC1279-456 
    • twin tube capacity, using Part No’s: TC1279-454A and TC1279-457 

The end cap slots into a cut out provided by the cut out tool (Part No: TC1279-50KIT).

This tube can be extended by joining it to a smaller size convoluted tube, that fits into the inside of it. The smaller convoluted tube is (Part No: TC1279-471). A joining length of some 50 - 75 mm is made. The tubes are secured together using a quick release, stainless steel hose clamp.

  • Tough, flame retardant material 
  • Fits larger duct sizes 
  • Can be extended using a smaller size convoluted tube, that fits inside the larger size tube 
  • Recommended fibre count: (large diameter tube) either: 360 x Ø2mm cords; 210 x Ø2.4 mm cords; or 160 x Ø3mm  cords, maximum 
  • RoHS approval pending 
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