Coupler, optic SFW ruggedised OMS840

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This fused fibre, Single Fibre Working (SFW) optical coupler (splitter) allowing optical signals in the wideband range (1270 – 1590)nm to be split (50:50) and/or divided, for monitoring the optical path or re-transmitted over a single fibre (SFW). The coupler is of high precision construction and housed in a ruggedized, strong and sturdy moulded plastic housing. The connecting Ø3mm, single mode (SM) optical fibre cord tail lengths are nominally 340mm for input (terminated in an A/SC connector) and 210mm for the outputs (terminated in 2 x LC PC connectors). Each tail has identification tags 15mm from the connector boot. The coupler offers high performance, good uniformity, and low excess loss. The coupler will provide a reliable service life in an Exchange or CO over a temperature range of – 40˚C to + 85˚C. Other optical connector types with desired optical fibre lengths are available separately.

Note: To prevent damage, the coupler should not be subjected to rough handling, or shocks during transport or installation.

  • High quality, fused optical fibre construction, giving a very high, reliable performance  
  • Low Insertion Loss  
  • High Isolation  
  • High directivity  
  • Used to monitor individual optical transmission over SDH and other Optical  streams 
  • Allows for two separate, optical transmission wavelengths (i.e. systems) onto a single optical fibre (SFW)  
  • Enables bidirectional communication over a single optical fibre  
  • Supplied with an A/SC input connectors and 2 x LC PC output connectors  but is also available with other optical connectors: SC; ST; FC; LC, etc 
  • Supplied 340mm input tail and 2 x 210mm output tails with individual identification labels, other configurations can be supplied on request 
  • Supplied as a 50:50 split ratio at the outputs 
  • Recommended monitoring at the transmission receive end


15mm (W) x 5mm (H) x 80mm (L) 


30 g 


Plastic and Optical Fibre 



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