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This door set is used on a 1200mm x 300mm x 2200mm HDODF (Part No: TC4050 100). The doors are vented for air flow; lockable and provide a degree of security and dust protection for optic fibre termination mounted subracks. Each door features a full height body. Each door has 2 spring loaded hinge pins, and can be removed from the rack. This door set must be used as a pair of doors. The door set used on this HDODF is recessed within the footprint, of the HDODF, so that the overall depth of the HDODF is kept at 300mm.

  • Attractive, see through, vented style door for a TC4050 100 HDODF 
  • Features 2 hinges, that allows each door to be removed from the rack 
  • The door set is lockable, with a key lock system 
  • Must be used as a pair of doors 
  • Purchase as a set of doors


2 x 600mm (W) x 2047mm (H) x 13/20mm (D) (Door/Lock) 


36 kg a set 


Perforated steel sheet and steel frame 


Light Grey 

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