Duct cut out and slotting tool kit

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The cut out tool kit is a simple mechanical means of providing a 90mm wide opening in the side of either 300, 220, 100 and 50mm duct, to suit the DROPOFF (Part No: TC1279-41A, Telstra No: 035300660), DROPOFF 50mm SQUARE ADAPTOR (Part No: TC1279-89A) or BREAKOUT ADAPTOR (Part No: TC1279-93A). It consists of a mechanical jaw that is placed over the duct side, which is then closed by the ratchet provided. This shears an opening in the duct side. During the cutout operation, the housed optical fibre cords in the duct should be protected from damage using the portable optical fibre cord protector (Part No: TC1279-50-3); which is included in the kit.

  • Simple, mechanical, shear type, slotting tool 
  • 1/2 inch ratchet driver provided 
  • Plastic case, for storage & transport, c/w foam insert, included 
  • Protector for optical fibre cords, included in kit 
  • Purchase as a kit 

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