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This kit is used to provide a guiding path for optical fibre cords, whilst maintaining the MBR at 30mm. It can be used in two ways. Firstly across the top of adjacent 600mm x 300mm racks; and secondly across the top of 2 x 600mm x 300mm back to back Equipment Racks. Included is a prepared straight length of 50mm duct to which can be fitted 2 x down elbows; or 2 x horizontal elbows each connecting to a short straight length of 50mm duct, which in turn are fitted to the 2 x down elbows. The first description describes a 50mm duct top feed between adjacent racks. The latter description describes a 50mm duct feed across the top of back to back equipment racks. Mounting brackets are provided for the 50mm duct, which in turn connect to 4 x 15mm high extension mounting brackets that fasten the duct system to the rack top. Supplied are 4 x mounting crews and nuts. The fibre cord radius is maintained at both entry and exit, where curved entry guides are fitted. The duct kit is made from 50mm x 50mm standard duct items. For assembly at site, for both cord entry/exit points: first fit, duct mounting brackets to each side, with the extension bracket facing outwards. Next, fit the 2 x 50mm duct joiners [supplied loose], followed by the 50mm outlet, 90 degree, down elbows.

  • Provides a simple, effective, guiding kit for optical fibre cords across the top of 2 x 600mm x 300mm side by side or back to back Equipment Racks
  • Entry/leaving, 90 degree down, [elbow] radius guides included
  • Maintains MBR at 30mm, everywhere 
  • Includes 4 x 50mm duct mounting brackets with a 15mm high mounting bracket, and screws and nuts 
  • Supplied as a kit 

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