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This is a 50mm ducting kit which can house 100 pigtails, and is suitable for small station installations.  It is basically intended as a fibre ducting starter kit for these stations.  It includes straight sections & lids, horizontal elbows (90°), drop offs, convoluted tubing, joiners, mounting brackets and an overview of component connection.

Simple base kit to establish fibre ducting in small sites

Each kit contains:

Description  Qty Part No. Telstra Ref.
Drop off (to rack) 4 off TC1279-41A
Convoluted tubing (for rack) 4 off TC1279-68KIT
50mm female joiner 6 off TC1279-73 035300788
50 x 50mm horizontal 90 deg. elbow 2 off TC1279-77A
50 x 50mm straight duct & lid (2 metres long) 2 off TC1279-81AT 035300785
50 x 50mm square convoluted tubing 3 off TC1279-85YEL
Drop off 50 x 50mm (OFDF) 1 off TC1279-89A
50mm end cap 2 off TC1279-127
50mm mounting brackets 4 off TC1279-129KIT 035300789

Disclaimer: Warren and Brown Technologies P/L reserves the right to alter without notice DESIGN, SPECIFICATIONS, PACKAGING, etc 

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