Fibre optic patch panel, Splice/Patch, SC/A, 72 fibre, 2RU, left pivot

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This subrack is typically used in Optical Fibre Termination Frames.

The main functions of the subrack are to provide: a managed standard fibre installation, reticulation, interconnection, distribution, rearrangement and maintenance activities at a common point. It also allows for fibre testing and fault finding activities. Typically an external optical fibre cable is fusion spliced to pigtails, which are connected to patch cords. Typically the patch cords can cross-connect (in a FTF) or connect to transmission equipment.

A major feature of this tray is the minimum amount of movement that occurs to loose tubes and optical fibre cords, as the tray
opens and closes. This ensures a very high degree of protection for working services. Also, the fusion splices and pigtails are
located in a protected position, because there is very little chance of them being disturbed when patch cords are being installed,
as the subracks tray only needs to be opened a very small amount.

  • Splice/Patch LH pivot open Subrack (2RU), for 72 optical fibres, rear mounts in a 19“ rack
  • Maintains fibre bending radii throughout, for optical fibres at 30mm
  • Supplied with 1 set of 6 high 12 fibre, splice tray assemblies (Part No: TC251S-6AX), for 72 fusion splices
  • Two splice protector holder clips located on each splice tray
  • Splicing aided by using the splice tray holding bracket, to hold open splice tray stack
  • Optical fibre tubes are fed to the trays RHS entry securing point, then around the rear of the body under a guiding/protection plate, to pass around the LHS guiding cylinder to the splice trays, through smooth, large curves
  • Cable is secured at RHS entry point
  • 3 x 24 position, angle located patch panels positioned along front of tray provides patching connection for 72optical fibres, with A/SC connectors, that are supplied
  • Entry and exit fibre cords are guided by 30mm radius removable guides
  • A hinged front cover, with a patch panel label is located in front of the patch panels. Cover secured with magnetic catches
  • A/SC connectors have a ceramic, zirconia ferrule
  • A/SC - SMOF pigtails (900μm) are supplied, fitted to subrack
  • A plastic cover is supplied
  • Supplied with 19” rear mounting brackets and mounting hardware
  • Hook and loop style fasteners supplied
  • Included in accessory kit are items such as: a small subrack entry bracket for holding a Ø16mm convoluted tube retaining clip; plus mounting screws and nuts. This enables the LH 2RU subrack to be mounted and used in HDODF’s
  • Front and mid mounting brackets for a 21” rack; available separately (S/I 494/00557)
  • Heat shrink splice protectors (Part No: 65404003 – Pack of 75); available separately
  • Purchase as a unit

440/482mm (W) (Body/Mounts) x 88mm (H) x 281mm (D)

Weight 5.87 kg
Materials Steel, Plastic and Optical Fibre
Colour Light Grey with Black features

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