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This Storage Tray for optical fibre cord coils or loops, front or mid mounts in a 19 inch equipment rack. It is divided into two compartments, with the divider having a round inner end to aid fibre cord flow. (Storage Tray Installation is described in document: NBN-CN1-CWP-004). Radius guides are fitted to both LHS and RHS cord entry points. The tray is provided with various groove sets, for hook and loop style ties. An accessory kit Is provided. (The kit includes: 4 x quarter round cord guides; 4 x mounting screws and cage nuts and 4 x hook and loop style ties).

Note: Always store the fibre cord/s in individual, large radius coils or loops, at minimum tension, with individual coils or loops separately secured (using hook and loop ties), to prevent entanglement and/or crossovers. Always maintain an MBR of 30mm

  • Storage Tray for optical fibre cords, divided into two compartments 
  • Fitted with a drop down front cover 
  • Central divider , fitted with a round cylindrical end, to aid in fibre cord flow 
  • Provided with various groove sets for hook and loop ties 
  • Has radius guides fitted to LHS and RHS cord entry points 
  • Front or mid mounts in a 19 inch rack 
  • Purchase as a unit 

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