Footway board, large, 1220mm x 1600mm

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The Tricel trench cover footway board is a highly versatile and safe, designed for covering apertures, bores or trenches during maintenance and constructions. The footway boards allow safe access and passage over and around site excavations.

Fully compliant with UK & European Legislation:

  • Department for Transport (Safety at street works and road works, October 2013)
  • Department for Transport (Practical guide for street works, June 2006)
  • DETR (Best practice in street works and highway works, 2001)
  • Transco: (T/SP/E42. Technical specifications for footway boards, ramps and road plates)

Moulded from a single piece of glass reinforced composite, the colour - yellow. Measures 1600mm by 1220mm and weighs 27 kg.

The underside has ribbed framework for added strength.

The board has a maximum load of 600kg at 0.7m trench span and 700kg at 0.5m trench span. 

  • Manufactured from SMC glass reinforced plastic
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Non-trip leading edge
  • Exceeds HSE slip resistance
  • Safe working load over a trench
  • The products have no scrap value thus eliminating on-site theft problems
  • Product neither warps nor delaminates in adverse weather conditions

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