HDODF, 1200mm x 300mm x 2200mm (110 series)

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The TC4050110 HDODF has been configured for stranded (loose tube) cables. The Left hand side (LHS) is equipped with two columns of storage/guiding “D” cylinders which allow management and routing of patchcords to the subracks. The HDODF also allows for optical fibre cables to enter from above, using a separate, rear compartment, and break out near the bottom.

Up to 18 subracks can be installed in the HDODF, giving a maximum terminated capacity of 18 x 72SC = 1296 SC fibres. The HDODF Termination Frame in an Exchange or CO allows for orderly, organised and planned growth for a new installation typically for FTTH termination. It is planned that two frames can be installed back to back, and a further two frames back by back, immediately beside the first two frames, etc. This provides a Termination Group of four interconnected HDODF Frames. Each HDODF is 1200mm (W) x 300mm (D) x 2.2m (H). Each HDODF Frame has an inbuilt upper and lower set of ducting for guiding 2.0 mm dia optical fibre jumper cords width ways along the module.

Also provided centrally in all duct runs of every HDODF Frame is a 220mm or 300mm x 100mm cross way duct, that allows fibre cords to be fed across to back to back positioned HDODF’s. This set up provides flexibility for installing jumper cords, whilst maintaining the MBR at 30mm. A lockable, vented, thin door set (Part No: TC4050 120KIT) is available separately. A side panel (Part No: TC1279 114KIT) for the end HDODF, is available separately. The door set used on this HDODF is recessed within the footprint, of the HDODF, so that the overall depth of the HDODF is kept at 300mm.

  • The HDODF connects to other HDODF’s or to a transmission equipment rack, using 2.0mm dia. optical fibre jumper cords to connect between them 
  • A LHS side storage unit without end side members allow over time, a modular HDODF approach to be employed, which allows long patchcords to be installed between adjacent HDODF’s without using the overhead exchange/CO ducting system 
  • Both side units are provided without end side members, to allow for cross cord jumpering between adjacent high density HDODF’s, in the module group. However, side members are available separately for both outer ends of each HDODF suite 
  • The central rack area holds up to 18 x 2RU subrack/panels; that are available separately 
  • The LHS optical fibre cord storage unit efficiently manages very long excess lengths of optical fibre cords; whilst maintaining the MBR everywhere at 30mm 
  • Entering cables use an enclosed partition at the rear on both the LHS and RHS side storage unit 
  • Ducting system’s for top, bottom and between back to back HDODF’s are supplied 
  • A door set of 2 x lockable, vented doors are available separately 
  • The door set used on this HDODF is recessed within the footprint, of the HDODF, so that the overall depth of the HDODF is kept at 300mm 
  • A HDODF supplied Assembly Kit (Part No: TC4050 100KIT) contains most items needed to install a HDODF. These include: Superstructure brackets, side to side and back to back brackets, top duct side to side joiners, bottom duct, side to side joiner, back to back bottom duct joiner, 32mm OD and 16mm OD convoluted tubes, and a large adhesive backed clear envelope. Also various bolts, washers and screws 
  • For HDODF’s, mounted on a raised floor, a mounting bracket set (TC4050TMKIT); is available separately

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