Heat shrink splice protector holder clip for 12 fibre stranded

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The light blue, splice protector holder unit, (Part No:TC250S-13), clip in holder is used to mount heat shrink splice protectors in some W&BT splice trays (Large & Universal; Part No’s: TC248S, TC248S-72A, & TC251S-1X).  Each holder unit accepts twelve heat shrink splice protectors of 2.6 mm dia. (Part No: 100 x 080 - 1); available separately. These are mounted in dual/twin height positions, in two rows of six; giving twelve splice protector positions in the unit. Two light blue, splice protector holder units can be fitted to each splice tray TC251S-1X, so that 24 spliced fibres can be housed on these trays. 

  • Accepts up to twelve heat shrink splice protectors, of 2.6mm dia (Part No: 100 x 080-1), available separately 
  • Fits many WBT splice trays (Large & Universal, Part No’s: TC248S, TC248S-72A & TC251S-1X); available separately 
  • Other splice protector holders are available separately 
  • Purchase as a unit 

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