Company of Innovation

WBT is a company of Innovation, that through its well-travelled engineers, executives and a team of design engineers, listens to customer problems and needs and delivers solutions before competitors have completed their paperwork. Innovation is what drives WBT to great heights and our commitment to R&D continues to yield rich rewards for the company, our customers and the telecommunications industry.

How we innovate

  • Design and development of new concepts using the latest design software programs
  • Fast product development cycle – Weeks not months
  • 3D printing & prototyping which enables the product to reach the market quickly
  • Engaging with the leading minds in the telecommunications industry. We listen and work closely with our partners to develop innovative concepts
  • Promoting a culture of innovation where fresh ideas are nurtured in a collaborative environment

WBT is the first Australian Manufacturer to offer Grade A connectors as an option for optical fibre cable assemblies

  • Optical fibre cable assemblies and patch cords are available to Class A specifications
  • Grade A is the highest quality connectors available on the market
  • Custom made and fully tested by Warren & Brown
  • Standard performance – max insertion loss 0.3dB, average 0.2dB
  • Grade A performance – max insertion loss 0.15dB, average 0.07dB
  • Ultimate performance

World-leading R&D and product development