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This tool provides a safe, easy and simple way of installing or removing either an SC or LC connector in situations such as patch panels, with limited free space for fingers. The hand tool is a pliers type tool, made from quality steel. It features insulated plastic handles, and a spring. Long length jaws are provided for access into fully loaded patch panels. Limited hand movement outside of the curved optical fibre cords, enables the tool to be used simply and effectively. The jaws are specially designed for easily grabbing a connectors body and releasing the connectors locking mechanism, thereby enabling the connector to be removed from the patch panel. A plastic tool pouch is provided.

  • Provides simple installation or removal of an SC or LC connector at a patch panel
  • Easy, single-handed operation, due to long length jaws. Will not foul or damage installed optical fibre cords
  • Reaches difficult locations
  • Featured are specially designed jaws, designed to grip connectors, without excessive crush, for removal of SC and LC connectors from a patch panel 
  • Comes with a plastic mounting pouch  
  • Purchase as a unit

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