Kit, intra-rack front to rear, 100mm x 50mm

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This kit is installed from the front to the rear of a data rack, allowing fibre cords to be fed from front to back of the rack. The duct is supported by two sturdy metal mounting brackets fitted to the front and rear equipment mounting rails on either the left or right hand side; (4 x mounting screws and cage nuts are supplied). This kit occupies 2 RU of mounting space. The mounting brackets hold duct securing (“C”) brackets, which have 65mm of lateral adjustment. A piece of 100mm x 50 mm duct carries the cords. It is supplied as a length of 800mm, which can be trimmed to suit the depth of the data rack. One end of the duct is slotted to accept a trumpet secured by a standard joiner. The other, (non-slotted), duct end is accurately cut to length and a trumpet is secured to the cut end of the duct using a slotless joiner.   

  • Simple, effective method for transferring optic fibre cords from the front to the rear of a data rack 
  • Duct length can be trimmed to suit smaller depth data racks, (Max overall assembled length of kit - 980mm) 
  • Supplied with an outlet trumpet at both ends, to maintain the MBR for entering and leaving fibre cords 
  • Mounting brackets provide 65mm of lateral adjustment for final duct positioning
  • Strong mounting brackets 2 RU high, made from 2.5mm thick steel 
  • Purchase as a kit

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