LC - LC optical fibre singlemode patch cord, duplex, 2m

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This SMOF, patch cord with LC UPC Grade A* connectors, of 2.0m length, is supplied with Ø2.0mm duplex optical fibre cord. The SMOF meets G652D specification, with no water peak in the wavelength profile graph. A duplex (figure “8”) cord comprises two single fibre cords, joined side by side. The duplex cord is easily separated into single cords if required. This cord can withstand 10 full turns (360°) twists over a 1m length, without causing any significant increase in attenuation. However, for best performance when using the duplex cord, full twists are best avoided. Each single optical fibre cord has the following features coloured yellow; 9μm core dia; 125μm cladding dia; and a 900μm tight buffered jacket. The core has an aramid yarn (e.g. Kevlar) strength member, provided under an LSZH sheath. The cord has physical properties of minimum tensile strength of 100N; an MBR of 25mm; ability to withstand a small crushing load; and the ability to withstand a small impact load. The cord also passes a standard edge bend test.

  • All dielectric construction
  • Has 900 μm jacketed optical fibre, in a Ø2.0mm cord
  • Has an LSZH (FR) sheath
  • Used for optical fibre termination
  • Fitted with quality low insertion loss LC UPC ‘Grade A*’ connectors
  • Each LC UPC connector has a ceramic, zirconia ferrule
  • Minimum lifetime of 20 years
  • Purchase as a unit

* Grade A connectors have not yet been ratified by the standard bodies.
** Max. Input Power can only be applied, if connector end faces are absolutely clean.

Meets G652D specification. Yellow, 9μm core dia., 125μm cladding dia. and a 900μm tight buffered jacket.

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