Modular patch panel rear management tray

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HypaFOX patch panels are required in order to securely house MTP®/MPO cassettes and patch modules, which are available separately. Patch panels are available as either flat or angled versions. The patch panels also feature an innovative quick release clip mechanism, for easy and fast installation and removal of cassettes.

In addition, a rear cable management tray, suitable for storing excess cable length, is available as an optional extra. The modular system enables fast and effective deployment of services and accepts any HypaFOX cassette or patch module, thereby providing great versatility and flexibility.

Suitable for:

  • MTP®/MPO to LC/SC cassettes
  • MTP®/MPO patch modules
  • Monitoring, splitter and custom fibre optic link modules
  • Fibre optic patch modules 
  • RJ45 copper modules
  • Provides additional rear cable management options
  • Easy to install at the rear of the patch panel

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