Module, disconnect profil mount (box of 10)

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A 10 pair IDT module is used to connect Internal Plant Cable conductors to External Plant Cable conductors, using approved jumper wires to make the connection. The IDT module will accept various conductor sizes (i.e. from 0.40mm to 0.64mm). The modules are usually mounted in a wall positioned MDU. They allow flexibility in connecting Customers services. These modules also allow for line testing both to the Exchange or to the Customers Dwelling. I.e. they provide a convenient break point in the circuit for checking services or for fault finding purposes.

  • IDT modules provide a low resistance, quickly made connection, to provide a Customers service
  • A quality connection is made, that provides reliable service over a large environmental range of conditions
  • Provides flexibility in Customer connections
  • Quickly removed and replaced jumper wire allows for circuit testing and fault finding activities
  • The IDT connectors can be used many times

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