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LSA+ 3 pole arrestor magazine with 500 volt arrestors fitted together with 2 x Profile earth clips. Ensure earth clips are installed on Profile disconnect modules.

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This Arrestor Magazine contains 10 x 3 pole gas arrestors, that protect a 10 pair LSA-plus IDS module (Profil) from lightning energy, or induced electrical HV noise pulses. Whenever these items exceed 500V on a Customer pair, the gas arrestor fires and discharges the interference electrical energy to earth. The Arrestor Magazine Module must be fitted with 2 x Profil Earth Clips (Part No: 53700173); that are supplied. The Module, Arrestor Magazine (and Earth Clips) provide protection for 10 Customer circuits, when installed on a 10 pair LSA-plus IDS module.

  • Provides protection for 10 Customer circuits from Lightning Pulses or Electrical Noises exceeding 500V
  • Quickly positioned in a 10 pair LSA-plus IDS (Profil) module, with earth clips used

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