Mounting bracket kit, 220mm, under super structure

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This supporting bracket set, enables a 220mm x 100mm duct system to be installed in the aisle, below the overhead superstructure, in front of the racks to be serviced. It is generally used when the existing overhead ducting system has reached its carrying capacity for optical fibre cords. One side of the duct is cut down some 23mm to enable easy installation of optical fibre cords. The bracket is supported from overhead Unistrut steel members. All necessary bolts , washers and nuts are provided. 

  • Supports 220mm x 100mm duct from overhead Unistrut steel members 
  • Comes with duct mounting bracket & mounting fasteners and washers 
  • Used with 220mm x 100mm ducting, Part No: TC1279-574, that has one side cut down some 23mm, to enable easy optical fibre cord installation 
  • Purchase by the kit 

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