Optical fibre singlemode pigtail, simplex, 0.9mm, grade A connector, 1 fibre, SC/A, 1.5m (12 Pigtails)

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These 12 x SMOF pigtails, 1.5m long with A/SC Grade A connectors, are supplied with Ø0.9mm optical fibre cord. Meets G652D specification.

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These 12 x SMOF pigtails, 1.5m long with A/SC Grade A connectors, are supplied with Ø0.9mm optical fibre cord, each being a different colour. For optical fibres 1 to 12 the Telco Industry Standard Colour Code is: Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Slate (Grey), White, Red, Black, Yellow, Violet, Pink (Rose) and Aqua. The SMOF meets G652D specification, with no water peak in the wavelength profile graph. Each optical fibre cord has the following features: different colours; Ø9μm core; Ø125μm cladding; and a Ø900μm tight buffered outer sheath. The cord has physical properties of: minimal tensile strength; and MBR of 30mm; ability to withstand a small crushing load; and ability to withstand a small impact load.

This cord is intended for use in subracks or panels, to avoid congestion, where space is at a premium.

Be very careful NOT to subject the Ø0.9mm cord to high values of tension, or it may become damaged, or suffer a failure.

To obtain the best performance and lowest IL from this A/SC Grade “A” connector, the end face must be thoroughly clean and free of residue and dust particles. Inspect connector end face/s with an LCD style connector viewer.

  • All dielectric construction
  • Has 900μm tight buffered fibre
  • Each 900μm cord has a distinct colour, that specifies its number from 1 to 12 (The Telco Industry Standard)
  • Used in optical fibre termination panels (or subracks)
  • Fitted with quality A/SC Grade “A” connectors, with a ceramic, zirconia ferrule
  • Minimum lifetime of 20 years
  • Purchase as a unit
Dimensions 225mm (W) x 30mm (H) x 160mm (D)(Carton)
Weight 74g(12 x cords) –140g (Carton)
Materials Various
Colour Various (12 x colours to Telco Industry Standard)

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