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The Over the Top Duct System Joining Kit is used to connect two parallel running duct systems. It allows optical fibre cords to exit, horizontally anywhere along a length of straight 100mm, 220mm & 300mm duct. The unit simply fits along the edge of the duct – i.e. the side of the duct is not specially prepared or cut. The exiting optical fibre cords are guided through an MBR of 30mm whilst completing this change of direction. The outlet curve has no ribs i.e. there is nothing to restrict the naturally occurring free flow of optical fibre cords. The outlet guide can be connected to 220mm x 50mm straight duct, using a joiner (Part No: TC1279-482). This unit allows cord flow between two parallel duct systems, separated by 300mm. It is, installed to accept the overflow of optical fibre cords from the first duct system. This unit comes with removable lids. Duct covers for 100mm, 220mm & 300mm duct, can be made separately. The maximum carrying capacity is: 500 x Ø3mm cords; 700 x Ø2.4mm cords and Ø1000 x 2.0 mm cords. By altering the length of the cross-connecting 220mm x 50mm duct, duct systems with different offset spacing can be connected together.

  • Provides a horizontal exit for optical fibre cords, anywhere along a straight 100mm, 220mm or 300mm duct run, to connect to a parallel duct system some 300mm away
  • By altering the length of the connecting 220mm x 50mm duct, different offset spacing for duct systems can be made  
  • Maintains the MBR of 30mm for all exiting optical fibre cords 
  • Easily installed without having to cut or prepare the side of the duct 
  • Connects to 220mm x 50mm duct, for exiting optical fibre cords, using joiner (Part No: TC1279-482) 

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