Peg, transponder nylon insect, termite proof (box of 25)

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The Transponder Peg is a sealed unit that contains a passive tuned L – C resonant circuit, which resonates at a frequency of 101.4 kHz. The peg is buried vertically in the ground along the route of and above a non-metallic optical fibre cable. It enables the cables path to be relocated and traced in the future, when using a portable detecting instrument. The transponder peg can be used for other telecommunication plant located underground e.g. repair joints. The peg contains a ferrite core rod, that must not be broken during handling or installation, otherwise the peg will not work. The peg is completely waterproof and vermin resistant, to achieve a long service lifetime.

  • A passive device that enables non-metallic underground plant to be accurately relocated.
  • Operates at a frequency of 101.4 kHz, the Telecom industry standard frequency
  • Can be relocated to a typical depth of 1.5 m in typical soil types
  • Relocatable using instrument Part No: 49400052; available separately
  • The peg is colored orange, and is waterproof and vermin resistant
  • Contains a passive resonant L – C circuit, that responds to a frequency of 101.4 kHz.
  • The peg needs to be handled carefully
  • Purchase as a box of 25

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