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Warren & Brown’s extensive telecommunications product range provides a complete solution for most applications in Carrier, Data Centre, Industrial and Enterprise cabling markets. Warren & Brown’s Hypaconnect Integrated Cabling Solution (ICS) is an advanced structured cabling infrastructure solution that allows for various applications to be successfully operated over a single cable network including voice, data, CCTV, Access Control, Automation, A/V and many others.

Included in Warren and Brown’s product range are optic fibre components such as our ducting raceway, multimode patch cables, singlemode patch cords, fibre patch panels, fibre racks - Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs), fibre closures and other FTTH products. Copper cabling components include various CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7 patch panels, ethernet cables, LAN cable and other cable management items.

Optical Fibre Products

Warren and Brown’s range of Optical Fibre Products, such as Fibre Distribution Frames, fibre patch panels and connectivity solutions provide an effective means of distributing optic fibre within your network. WBT is the first Australian Manufacturer to offer Grade A connectors as an option for optic fibre cable assemblies.

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Copper Structured Cabling

The HypaConnect HY series product range takes your ethernet network to the next level by providing industry-leading performance, reliability, customer support, as well as improved installation time, thereby reducing the total cost of network ownership. Select from high-quality CAT 6, CAT 6A cables...

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Fibre Ducting Raceway

Warren & Brown’s fibre optic ducting raceway is a unique system for routing and protecting fibre cords or copper cables between termination equipment, patch panels and splicing cabinets or frames in telecommunications exchanges, data centres or anywhere fibre optic or copper cabling is present.

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MTP®/MPO cabling solution

The HypaFOX high-density MTP®/MPO cabling solution from Warren & Brown Technologies (WBT) has been designed to provide the perfect balance between density and usability. The flexible design supports various cabling and connectivity options, whilst providing superior cable management and protection.

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Telecom Carrier Network

Warren & Brown continues to lead the way in Telecom and FTTP network product development and deployment and is one of the major suppliers for the National Broadband Network throughout Australia and is a major supplier for Telstra fibre and copper cable network.

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Wireless & FTTA Infrastructure

WBT’s innovative approach to wireless infrastructure cabling and connectivity has proven to reduce CAPEX and OPEX for network builders. By simplifying cable construction and utilising streamlined connection devices and interface boxes, WBT has a total solution that allows for easy and cost-effective installation.

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Harsh Environment

Warren & Brown Technologies partnered with QPC to serve a variety of fibre optic industries with high-quality products and services for harsh environments. Going far beyond simply selling top quality fibre products, we are an engineering and manufacturing company that takes pride in providing you with exactly the right solution for your particular application.

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The HypaFi / iQComm high-density Wi-Fi solution takes network performance, operations and management to the next level. Compared to traditional Wi-Fi, which can be costly to deploy and manage, the HypaFi solution integrates the best of Wi-Fi technology to provide a number of benefits.

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