Copper Structured Cabling

Copper Structured Cabling

The HypaConnect Integrated Cabling Solution (ICS) from Warren & Brown Technologies combines the latest products and solutions from our optical fibre and copper structured cabling portfolios into a single solution offering, backed up by an optional 25-year certified site warranty. Every ICS is designed and tested against the latest version of the ISO/IEC 11801 standard. In addition, the ICS is also backed up by a network of designers, consultants and integrators. All the products are suitable for a variety of networks, including but not limited to: voice and data, building automation, security, and audio/visual.

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Why Warren & Brown copper structured cabling products provide the next level of network connectivity?

HypaConnect Integrated Cabling Solution (ICS) and Copper Structured Cabling advantages:

  • Proven total building ICT infrastructure support;
  • Quality & reliability - 25-year warranty;
  • End to end copper cabling solution;
  • Fast installation & connector termination time;
  • Innovative products – reduced (mini) diameter copper patch cords. Toolless CAT6A UTP jack. Modular products. Easy terminate CAT6A U/FTP LAN cable;
  • Reduces total cost of network ownership;
  • Leading customer service with the support network of consultants, installers and distributors;
  • Fast delivery and stock availability from Australian owned company;
  • Leading solution technology – CAT 6 UTP, CAT 6A UTP and CAT 6A STP solutions, CAT 7 also available;

Not only is the HypaConnect HY Series the leading structured cabling solution, but it is also an integrated cabling solution, specifically designed, installed and tested to provide total building ICT infrastructure support.

The Warren & Brown Technologies ICS supports multiple applications over a single cabling infrastructure. This allows for simplified network design, using common items and a standard cabling topology. The innovative approach simplifies network deployment and operations and reduces costs associated with installing and maintaining multiple cabling networks. The HypaConnect HY series ICS has been tested and designed to support many ICT applications, as well as PoE and PoE+.

The HypaConnect HY Series includes the following solutions and structured cabling products:
- A total end to end ICS, which covers every product from patch panel to wall outlet and everything in between
- RJ45 Modular Jacks – CAT6 UTP, CAT6A UTP and CAT6A STP solutions
- RJ45 Couplers & Connectors – CAT6 UTP and CAT6A STP solutions
- Patch Panels – CAT6 UTP, CAT6A UTP and CAT6A STP solutions
- Data Outlets – CAT6 UTP, CAT6A UTP and CAT6A STP solutions
- Floor Distributors – CAT6 UTP, CAT6A UTP and CAT6A STP solutions -
LAN Cables – CAT6 UTP, CAT6A UTP and CAT6A STP solutions
- Cable Management
- Tools & Accessories

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