S/FTP CAT7 cable, 1000m drum

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Installation CAT 7 cable AMJ 1000 S/FTP 4x2xAWG23/1 LSZH; blue, 1000m drum

In accordance with EN 50173-1,  S/FTP Cat 7 cable is a cable with an individual pair shield of aluminium foil surrounded by a mesh as a total shield. These cables with LSZH sheath are mainly used in buildings to provide the horizontal cabling infrastructure. Other cables with cable sheaths such as PE or PUR are installed for applications with higher ambient demands or special mechanical application conditions. Cables with flexible wires are used as raw material for assemblies or in installations with a low range. S/FTP cables have very slight runtime differences between the pairs and are ideally suitable for transferring very high data rates.

Cat 7 cable construction:

Conductor Bare copper wire 0.57mm Dia. AWG23/1
Insulation Foam skin polyethylene 1.45mm Dia.
Twisting 2 cores to the pair
Cable lay up 4 pairs PIMF
Pair screening Aluminium laminated plastic foil
Overall screening Copper braid, tinned
Outer jacket LSZH, blue RAL 5015

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