Hybrid multifeed cable with junction box, MTP

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This junction box is used as an enclosure for both optical fibre cords and 48V DC power cables as well as serving as a connection interface between the hybrid trunk cable and hybrid tail cables. The internal connections feature a pivot opening MPO cassette, a 16 position SC/A connector patch panel and 4 x positions for 48 volt DC power connectors. It is specifically designed for connecting up to 4RRU’s and provides a quick and effective means of adding extra wireless sectors. It is supplied with pre-terminated trunk cable for rapid deployment.

Suitable for connecting up to 4 RRU’s

Compatible with 7/8” hybrid trunk cable

High Density, scalable solution

Connects to RRU’s via ½” hybrid jumper cable

Supplied with pre-configured trunk cable

The 7/8” multi feed trunk cable is provided with every TC4039MOBILE02 junction box as part of a pre-terminated solution to allow for fast and easy installation. Custom trunk cable lengths can be specified with every junction box.

Provided pre-terminated and connected to every TC4039MOBILE02 Junction box

Custom trunk cable lengths to suit every site


P/N - TC4039-15-xxA* - Junction box with pre-terminated 7/8” hybrid cable assembly  (note xx*= length of cable (in m)

For example : TC4039-15-30A is a Junction box assembly with a 30m long 7/8” hybrid trunk cable

  • Weather-proof enclosure, IP65 rated

  • Contains a pivoting MPO cassette, with a 16 position A/SC patch panel

  • Contains connectors for 4 x 48V DC power systems

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