MPO-MTP Fibre Optics

MPO-MTP Fibre Optics

The latest innovation from WBT, provides up to 144F LC fibres in 1RU of rack space. In addition, many cable management features have been included in the solution, ensuring supreme reliability and ease of use. Large volumes of connected patch cords need to be adequately managed around patching fields, in vertical and horizontal cable managers and in cable pathways.The high density MTP®/MPO solution from WBT is the perfect balance between density and usability, as well as providing excellent cable and connector protection and management.

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Managing connectivity in Data Centres and high-density optical fibre networks

Managing optical fibre connectivity is becoming more challenging due to the rapid expansion of telecommunication networks, which need to support various high speed, low latency and bandwidth-intensive services.

Due to its ability to support 10G, 40G and 100G transmission systems, as well as being a practical solution for Enterprise, Data Exchange and Mobile Backhaul networks, MPO connectivity is proving to be the solution of choice for many applications. However, one of the major drivers of MTP®/MPO solutions are Data Centre networks. The challenge for Data Centre operators trying to maximise floor space and increase density is being able to effectively manage a high number of connections, without disrupting existing services and risking potential outages.

The HypaFOX solution from Warren & Brown Technologies (WBT), addresses many of the challenges faced in high-density optical fibre networks, providing leading density, flexibility and scalability.

Reliable MTP/MPO connectivity and cable management for Data Centres

Optical fibre transmission systems are becoming more widely used and accepted throughout Data Centre environments, with many systems now supporting 10G links and with migration paths to 40G and 100G also being available.

High-speed optical fibre networks in Data Centre environments often utilise MTP MPO and LC duplex connectivity throughout the network. MTP connectivity solutions support parallel optical communications, which enables data to be simultaneously transmitted and received over multiple optical fibres. Due to its small form factor, MTP® /MPO connectors and micro cable have already provided a space-saving solution. However, greater space savings, ease of use and efficiency gains can now be realised with WBT’s high-density solution.

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