1RU high density modular patch panel, 4 slots, slim version, grey and black, 19 inch

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HypaFOX patch panels are required in order to securely house MTP®/MPO cassettes and patch modules, which are available separately. Patch panels are available as either flat or angled versions. The patch panels also feature an innovative quick release clip mechanism, for easy and fast installation and removal of cassettes.

In addition, a rear cable management tray, suitable for storing excess cable length, is available as an optional extra for both angled or flat units. The modular system enables fast and effective deployment of services and accepts any HypaFOX cassette or patch module, thereby providing great versatility and flexibility.

Suitable for:

  • MTP®/MPO to LC/SC cassettes
  • MTP®/MPO patch modules
  • Monitoring, splitter and custom fibre optic link modules
  • Fibre optic patch modules 
  • RJ45 copper modules
  • Suitable only for front access MTP®/MPO, LC, LC/A, SC, SC/A fibre optic connector ports
  • Narrow depth model 
  • HypaFOX MTP®/MPO cassettes can be installed from the front of the patch panel (cassettes ordered separately)
  • Hinged and removable front cover
  • Can be rear, front or mid mounted
  • Fibre management and routing area at the front of patch panel
  • Quick release locking clips for easy installation and removal of cassettes
  • 1RU design
  • Accepts HypaFOX MTP®/MPO cassettes or patch modules
  • Ideal solution for retrofit rear mounting and 300mm deep racks
  • Available with various mounting bracket options

Throughout the network and cabling environment, the HypaFOX MTP®/MPO and patch module solution promotes best practice in cable management, routing, usability and flexibility.

The latest innovation from WBT, provides leading density, with up to 144F LC fibres in 1RU of rack space. In addition, many cable management features have been included in the solution, ensuring supreme reliability and ease of use. 

  • Maintains patch cord MBR’s and safely routes patch cords through a dedicated cable management area
  • Quick release locking clips for easy installation and removal of cassettes
  • Fits within existing rack systems by utilising standard design and mounting bracket options to suit 19” or 21” mounting rails
  • Utilises reduced diameter LC duplex patch cords with pull tabs, which reduces disturbance in patching fields when connecting/disconnecting services
  • Flexible solution with various cassette options, including MTP®/MPO, LC/SC/ST patch only, RJ45 copper, fibre optic splitter cassette and other custom assemblies

Why use HypaFOX Data Centre solutions

  • Saves rack space by providing leading fibre optic density of up to 144 LC fibres in 1RU Connectivity and 288 MTP®/MPO fibres using 12F MTP®/MPO connectors. Higher density available if using 24F MTP®/MPO connectors
  • Flexible solution, which enables easy additions and modifications
  • Hassle free, end to end solution with custom cassette options, including monitoring and splitter cassettes, as well as ability to handle mixed media platforms within single patch panel
  • Reliable, high performance, low loss connectivity
  • Equally suitable for Data Centre and Telecom Carrier applications

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